Why Choose S-prm as Your Distributor

Many years of experience with business led S-prm to explore the needs of the business owner and the constraints they face. This understanding led us to create the perfect solution that allows you to promote your business without having to worry about business operating The service offered by us is a unique service carried out to date by the owner of the business or any of its employees – the first time you face the possibility of performing tasks through professionals.mobilr-tablate

Superior Products

Due to the company’s size and presence in international cell phone markets, We are able to distribute devices from all the major brands. Products available through S-prm include Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC,Sony and Apple brand devices. We offers the latest and greatest mobile technology, including cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices designed for every market.

Affordable Prices

Thanks to the company’s reputation within the industry and strong presence in markets around the world, We are able to obtain wholesale cell phones directly from manufacturers or operators at a lower rate than the competition and pass those savings along to retailers.

Friendly Service

The most important thing that makes S-prm different from other company’s is the dedication to customer satisfaction. S-prm was built on the principle that a satisfied customer is a returning customer. Our company building lasting and mutually relationships with each of its clients and the manufacturers that the company works. This investment in the people that S-prm works with, has allowed our company to helped our self to deliver not just best products, but also best value as well.


that we carved our flag reflected both the technological knowledge of the various cell phones systems, and test results of operations carried out by us. S-prm offers its customers the best expertsin in the field: first-class engineers, qualified technicians that the rapistseach product on special request, rigorously trained drivers conveyed the merchandise to safety and more. On special order technicians arrive to the lab on weekends and at night to finish the order more fast and with better quality.


is one of the main ingredients when choosing a service provider. Our ability to respond to the customer within a short time, our willingness to adapt the work rate and the dates on the special circumstances of each customer and our desire to complete the order without delay preparedness lets customers choose us wholeheartedly.


and reputation – ten decades of experience speak for themselves. S-prm company provides its services are known entities and private businesses in various types – and they know how to value the company’s capabilities, its experience in supplying quality products and professional service and dedication of its people.


an established company in the cellular market S-prm presents’ receipts, indicating the reliability and quality of its products over the years. Reliance on the Company’s services provides peace of mind, as well as the confidence that the order will be provided at the time and place set in advance.



S-prm Ltd does not represent and is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by, the carriers and the manufacturers and names and logos are their respective registered trademarks use to identity services and products.