Our Services

Refurbished phones at the best quality and prices

Every phone that leave our factory is good as a brand new phone!

Unlike most refurbished phones in the market, every phone leaves our factory aims to perfection.

With years of experience and using our professional and skilled staff we deliver the best refurbished phones with an extensive warranty, competitive pricing and above all, professional customer service – the best you can expect.iphone_white

 B2B or B2C

Either you an individual having a local shop that sells mobile phones or small to medium business owners that interested in selling our phones to other local shops or even large corporations – we fits you.
It’s just what we are doing best!

 Our Staff

With experience of 10 years and more in the mobile world, our teams brings their passion and expertise to every phone.

Every team is composed from

  • Team supervisor
  • Highly trained engineers with years of experience


Test Procedures

  • Automatic tests for hardiness
  • Screen and touch, including full replacement of all the parts when needed
  • Hardware controls and buttons
  • Sensors like GPS, cellular internet, gyroscope, Wi-Fi, NFC, camera and more



We are adjusting our warranty plans to every client, depending on the client needs.

Our plans composed from warranty period (we can provide the client with a long warranty period of up to 1 year), mobile phones as swapped devices (up to 2% of the order in big orders) and spare parts (contact us in order to adjust your warranty plan)


 Hardware and Assembly

In order to keep our quality commitment in every product, we are using only the highest quality parts.

It goes without saying that even the packaging is done with the highest quality and every product comes with:

  • Original packaging
  • Earphones
  • Data cable
  • Charger
  • User Manual


Every device that leaves our factory is as good as a brand new phone. Period.



S-prm is one of the fastest growing wholesale cell phone distributors in the world. With clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, and with long-standing reputation of delivering the best quality, our company commitment is:
Bringing the best top of the line refurbished mobile devices to markets across the globe at a lower rates.


Our distributes devices from all of the major brands including:

S-prm does not represent and is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by, the carriers and the manufacturers and names and logos are their respective registered trademarks use to identity services and products