Cost efficient & fast delivery to any destination

S-prm, leading international distributor of refurbished mobile phones, tablets, make it much more easy for you with the most fast, most efficient, most creative and most flexible way and all with S-prm professional logistics team. Tologistics_box maintain swift delivery timetables, S-prm team contain 15 experts that work around the clock to guarantee smooth delivery to the customer.Our expert will ensure that you always get what you need and expect, until you will reactive your order.

Operating globally while being locally

The company’s motto is “time is money” and as such it acts to save its customers every unnecessary minute.
Cargo transport fleet made ​​by leading guided professional logistics centerthat utilizes the services of the freight and forwarders in every market around the world. S-prm Placing security as the top priority that her customers will reactive a smooth, safe, and cost affective deliver

Professional contact with a human touchIn our world Flexibility is the key word!!1 Each customer and each deal is unique, and we make our solutions to fit any customer requirement. This sort of dedication and creativity is what sets us apart. Our professional logistics centeryet will translates your order into quick, flexible and profitable deals that enable you to get an edge on all other competition.