slide52About S-prm:  A Wholesale Distributor

S-prm is a leading worldwide GSM wholesale phones and mobile devices distributor. With over a decade of experience and technical knowledge we built a reputation as reliable and professionals.                                                                                                                               S-prm main goal is to provide our clients high quality products at the best prices available.


Dedication to the Client

S-prm provides high level of service to our clients. We aim to keep high quality and low prices for the following reasons:

  • S-prm long-standing relationships with mobile phone manufacturers can help us use their buying power and let us keep low prices for our clients.
  • S-prm can reach a wider market and can keep low prices by selling higher quantities of mobile cell phones.
  • S-prm knowledge and expertise help us bring high quality products at low prices. We have our clients’ interests in mind and not just our company interests.

By providing high quality product at low prices we hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship whit our clients, one based on honest and respect. We are a customer-oriented company were our clients business interests are part of our business model.


Unbeatable Mobile Phone Buying Power

S-prm is located at the heart of the mobile industry and with its global reach and connections have a great buying power and the flexibility to provide customers around the world with high quality products at high quantities. Our company’s extensive product list includes:

  • OEM phones
  • factory refurbished cell phones
  • unlocked phones
  • just-released phones from carriers
  • tablets
  • cell phones and tablet accessories


S-prm has a growing inventory of cell phone wholesale products from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Sony and others.

With S-prm global reach we are able to provide retailers around the world quick purchasing solutions. No quantity is too large, no destination is unreachable and no cell phone wholesaler is too big to exceed the scope of S-prm.


Serve Better, Serve Longer

S-prm built wholesale cell phone business with respected to the manufacturers, mobile phone distributors, and retailers. This why the company’s own buying power, negotiating with cell phone wholesaler and leave all other distributor behind, we are able to provide our clients the top quality mobile phonebetter than anyone else.

S-prm offers a high level of service, which no other distributor can. S-prm does not just deliver a high quality product, we deliver Extra Value. Our low prices, fast delivery, and high quality service help our clients to reach the satisfaction of their own clients, improve their market share and grow their business.



S-prm Ltd does not represent and is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by, the carriers and the manufacturers and names and logos are their respective registered trademarks use to identity services and products.